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The Frits Bayens Bigband, founded in 1975, has under the inspirational leadership of it's founder, leader, arranger and composer Frits Bayens, developed into one of the best non-profit bigbands in the Netherlands.
about the frits bayens bigband
The Frits Bayens Bigband is an exceptional mixture of specialist wind instrument players, including strong willed self-taught musicians, conservatory students and academically trained professionals inspired by a passionate musical leader.

Frits Bayens
Together with the traditional compositions of Count Basie and Duke Ellington the band plays contemporary tunes from composers/arrangers like: Bill Holman, Peter Herbolzheimer, Bob Mintzer and Vince Mendoza. The characteristic sound of the FBBB is mainly determined by the arrangements of Frits Bayens himself.

Every Monday evening the members of the FBBB from The Hague, Rotterdam and the Brabant region come together in the Café-restaurant Oncle Jean, Ginnekenweg 338, Breda, The Netherlands Telephone: +31-(0)76 565 9999. Listeners are always welcome at these rehearsals.

More and more concerts are being organised with local and foreign solo artists.

The first edition of the new CD: "Wives and Lovers" was sold out in a very short time, however a second edition is now issued.
The enormous success of the concert in Montreal in 1998 in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd of ten thousand, has greatly improved the confidence and comradeship within the band. This resulted in concerts for Dutch radio and a final place in the National Bigband Championship in 2000. Here, Tony Savery received a deserved mention for his lead trumpet playing and Paul Heeren won the Wob Moser Award for the best drummer of the festival.

Frits Bayens Bigband

The Press made the following statements:

"A thoroughly well rehearsed ensemble, maximising their results through excellent teamwork. The variety is thanks to Yvonne Walter, the first rate trombonist Willem van Ewijk, pianist Wout Hendriks and members of the sax section."
Frans Oudejans (The Jazz Chronicle)

"Judging by the record, the performance of the Frits Bayens Bigband, should be a real toe-tapper".
John Cummmins (the Mirror, Montreal, Canada)

"Most of the arrangements have been written by the leader himself and that is where the strength of this album lies." "The band has a unique sound."
Jan Rensen (De Gooi en Eemlander)

"Si l'attent est un critere de succes, le festival de jazz de Montreal a connu hier un des meilleures journees de son histoire. Quand la foule ecoute attentivement les elans du Frits Bayens Bigband Un demanche unique au festival!"
J.L (La Presse de Montreal)

"An explosive ensemble."
Joop van Zijl (Program presenter Radio/TV)

"I had the pleasure of working with the Frits Bayens Bigband a few years back. It was simply a wonderful experience! This is a real "town" band."Everyone was having such a good time that the musicians and consequently the audience, shining with joy and exuberance. I'm sure you will as well, when you hear this music."
Bob Mintzer (Legendary New York jazz tenor player, from the "Yellow Jackets.")

The mighty musical machine of Frits Bayens "There are many different styles of bigband in the Netherlands, but not many are of the same standard as the Frits Bayens Bigband. The FBBB is in a different class."
Ton van der Straeten (Dutch press)

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Booking and info:
Frits Bayens
Breitnerlaan 3
4907 NV Oosterhout
The Netherlands

PR & coordination:
Karel Post
T: +31(0)30-6038341
M: +31(0)640526230
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Leader, arranger
• Frits Bayens

• Peter den Otter (alt)
• Marieke Helmons (alt)
• Teun Dielen (tenor)
• Ernst van Tatenhove (tenor)
• Arie Brederode (baritone)

• Han Kleemans
• Willem van Ewijk
• Theo Romijn
• Paul Luijkx

• Bart Felet
• Bart van der Ven
• Marc van den Brûle
• Richard van Iersel

• Arno Francke (piano)
• Willem v. Wijngaarden (bass)
• Robbert van Kalmthout (drums)
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